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Hospital and what comes next.

We have taken this opportunity to talk to you about the when you are discharged from hospital. Hospitals have all the necessary equipment to care for you during your stay. But what about when you leave? The hospital may provide equipment for you to use at home, but you may still encounter independence issues in your home that you did not experience during your stay at hospital.

We are often approached by customers with varying mobility concerns and frequently by those who have just returned home after a stay in hospital. Products such as toilet surrounds provide a non-invasive, inexpensive method of helping you regain independence within the bathroom for instance. A toilet surround is easy to install and height and width adjustable, so you will not need to refit your bathroom to get one in! They provide support and stability when lowering and raising yourself. Other products, such as shower stools, enable you to continue with your regular routine without needing the support of a loved one. We provide a range of products that allow you to shower, bathe, dress or walk by yourself, and start to get back to normal.

The Foxy Sock Aid

The Foxy Sock Aid

At Mobility Your Way we stock a range of dressing aids. From shoehorns to dressing sticks, we have something for that one action you have not quite mastered again. For example, if you have just had a hip operation you may need help getting dressed. The Foxy Sock Aid will provide assistance to get your socks on. The Foxy is practical, flexible and easy to use. Our living aids range also provide support for when you leave the house. A Swivel Cushion for getting in and out of the car is an ingenious device. Lay it on your car seat and forget its there. When you come to get out, you are able to swing round and exit the car without having to cause undue strain on your hip.

One of our missions is to get people moving again. We stock a range of walking aids, from walking frames used mainly indoors to rollators which are superb for indoor and outdoor use. We provide home demonstrations

or to see our wide range of aids you can visit one of our accessible showrooms based in Desborough, Rugby or Market Harborough. Our friendly staff are on hand to give you all the advice you need to help you on your road to independence. Visit for more information or contact us on 0800 083 2622, we would love to hear from you.

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