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We offer a wide range of Scooters that can provide a solution for your needs and wants. Our extensive range includes Folding, Boot, Pavement and 6-8 mph scooters which will give you everything you need and more.
We provide servicing and repairs, insurance and a after sales service when you are looking to sell your old scooter.

Folding Scooters

Folding Scooters are becoming very popular, as they provide amazing versatility and space saving features. If you feel that you would struggle to dismantle a scooter, then possibly a folding scooter is for you. They can fold with the touch of a button, in seconds. We can provide a range to include three, four and dual-wheel models.

Scorpius A Mobility Scooter

Invacare – Scorpius A

  • Minimal handling is required due to automatic folding at the touch of a button
  • Four strong 8” wheels will aid stability on uneven ground
  • Transportation and storage are no problem with the Scorpius A, it fits in even the smallest of cars.

Drive DeVilbiss – 4 Wheel Auto Folding Scooter

  • Weighing only 27 kg, the 4 Wheel Auto folding Scooter is very easy to manoeuvre in and out of even the smallest of cars
  • A lithium (airline friendly) battery enables this scooter to be lightweight, this means you can go that extra mile when out and about
  • The perfect scooter for fast and effortless travel.

Monarch Mobility – Smarti

  • The Smarti folds effortlessly making it hassle free and easy to use
  • In just 12 seconds the Smarti is fully unfolded
  • The Smarti has impressively high ground clearance for a folding scooter
  • Once folded, the Smarti is designed to be pulled along like a suitcase.
For more information or a demonstration of our Folding Scooter range, call your local showroom or get in touch using our contact form.

Boot Scooters

Boot scooters can be used for those quick local journeys to the supermarket or to a friend’s house around the corner. Whereboot scooters come into their own, is that they can be easily disassembled to fit inside a car for easy transportation. In the event that a boot scooter is too heavy, our partner Autochair can custom fit a scooter hoist to most car models.

Pride – Apex Lite

  • This is our entry level model and a popular choice for those new to mobility scooters
  • The Apex Lite’s modern design makes it stylish and simplistic
  • The 8” alloy style wheels are designed to keep the scooter stable on uneven ground
  • The Apex Lite disassembles into 5 portable sections making it easy to transfer in and out of any vehicle.

Pride – GoGo Elite Traveller LX

  • With a stylish and sophisticated design, it offers features such as a delta tiller, high level charging port and LED lights all round
  • As our most affordable scooter with seat-post suspension, this means that the GoGo Elite Traveller LX offers a more comfortable ride
  • Available in two different battery sizes, providing you with the option of an extended range.

Pride – Apex Rapid

  • Six vibrant colour options mean you can travel in a style of your choice
  • All round suspension means comfort is standard with the Apex Rapid
  • Fitted with LED lights, the Apex Rapid becomes more visible to others.

Pride – GoGo Elite Traveller Sport

  • The GoGo Elite Traveller Sport features an innovative design with a complement of unique features such as larger 9-inch wheels for a more stable and smoother ride over rough ground
  • Attractive LED lights strategically placed around the scooter for all-round visibility
  • A huge 12-mile range means this scooter is perfect for days out enjoying the sun.

One Rehab – Illusion Mobility Scooter

  • The Illusion is the lightest boot scooter in the world making it our top of the range model and quickly becoming our best seller
  • What makes the Illusion stand out from the crowd is its lithium Ion battery and aircraft grade aluminium frame
  • The advanced engineered front and rear suspension gives you a smooth and comfortable ride
  • LED lights and a secure grip tiller are standard too
  • Available in an endurance version, providing you with the option of an extended range.
For more information or a demonstration of our Boot Scooter range, call your local showroom or get in touch using our contact form.

Pavement Scooters

Pavement Scooters are more suited for longer distances due to their larger battery size. These scooters are generally larger than a boot scooter, with more comfortable seating and a more stable ride.

Invacare – Leo

  • One of our top selling scooters, we agree with Invacare when they say the Leo is ‘Solid, safe and secure’
  • Essential safety is balanced with a stylish and sporty look
  • The Leo is great for daily outings, according to our customers.

Pride -Revo 2.0

  • ‘Rugged and dependable’ as stated by the manufacturer
  • Convenient under seat storage for all your small personal belongings
  • Front and rear suspension and durable front and rear bumper for added comfort and protection.

Freerider- Mayfair 4

  • A superb driving style means the Mayfair 4 glides on pavements, pathways and passages
  • With a captains seat that comes as standard comfort is guaranteed with the Mayfair 4
  • The traditional style and design enable scooter safety making it a great choice for daily use.

Electric Mobility – Vista DX

  • The Vista DX, although a pavement scooter, can be dismantled to go into the boot of most cars
  • The scooter dismantles into 6 easy-to-manoeuvre parts so that you can take it with you with no compromise on durability or range
  • The increased battery size means you can enjoy up to a 30 mile range.
Mobility Your Way Sovereign

Shoprider – Sovereign 4

  • Large pneumatic tyres give you great comfort and a smooth ride even over rough terrain
  • A built-in automatic braking system means that you’ll be extra safe on the Sovereign 4
  • The Sovereign 4 includes stylish features such as the chrome bumper, side reflectors and a headlight.
For more information or a demonstration of our Pavement Scooter range, call your local showroom or get in touch using our contact form.

6-8 mph Scooters

6-8 mph Scooters, which can be road legal, are ideal for travelling longer distances in a shorter amount of time. They have the capability of traveling 30 miles on a single charge and provide a more comfortable driving experience.

Pride – Colt Deluxe 2.0

  • The Colt Deluxe 2.0 is full of technology to help you have a more enjoyable ride. USB ports and LED lights make the Colt Deluxe 2.0 a modern and stylish scooter
  • Featuring a unique driving system and non-scuffing, low profile, puncture proof wheels, the Colt Deluxe 2.0 is an ideal mid-sized scooter

Pride – Colt Pursuit

  • Front and rear suspension for all-round comfort
  • The Colt Pursuit offers high quality, durable features such as LED lights across the body and solid tyres, yet still being an affordable option in its class
  • A high back seat and 13” alloy style wheels gives you independence, in style.

Electric Mobility – Vecta Sport

  • The Vecta Sport boasts a powerful 600W Hi-Efficiency motor that gives you a top speed of 8 mph
  • A dedicated waterproof USB charging point means you can stay connected on the go
  • The Vecta Sport encompasses revolutionary ‘RunOn’ run flat pneumatic tyres
  • Bright headlights and a modern sleek body style make the Vecta Sport one of the most desirable scooters on the market.

Freerider – Mayfair 8 Deluxe

  • With a top speed of 8 mph, this road legal scooter, will get you from A to B efficiently, and comfortably due to the captain’s seat which comes as standard
  • The Mayfair 8 Deluxe is highly manoeuvrable and compact for a scooter of its class
  • LED lights, pneumatic tyres and mirrors come as standard.

Invacare – Orion Pro

  • With enhanced battery performance and improved suspension, the Orion Pro is perfect for those who want all round performance
  • An on-board automatic speed reduction system reduces your speed when cornering for added safety
  • The electronics and motor on board have additional protection to keep them safe from dirt, water and corrosion.

Freerider – Land Ranger XL8

  • With a go anywhere attitude, the Landranger XL8 is built to last
  • A water-resistant LCD dashboard gives the Land Ranger XL8 a modern twist still encompassing traditional styling
  • Featuring a sturdy double wishbone structure, twin shock absorbers and a high ground clearance, the Landranger XL8 can go almost anywhere.

Pride – Ranger

  • The Ranger is packed with technology, such as an LCD screen and reversing sensors, to keep you safe and comfortable
  • 5-inch tyres along with front and rear suspension will keep you stable on all types of terrain
  • Designed for off-road use, the Ranger is perfect for activities such as a round of golf or a day out in the countryside all-day use and day trips.

Drive – Sport Rider

  • Using technology borrowed from the motorcycle industry, the Sport Rider encompasses all round suspension giving you an exhilarating yet smooth ride
  • With a range of up to 25 miles and a top speed of 8 mph, the Sport Rider is great for showing off, in style
  • The Sport Rider has a throttle lever with an automatic braking system, as well as a hand brake for extra safety.
For more information or a demonstration of our 6-8 mph Scooter range, call your local showroom or get in touch using our contact form.
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