At Mobility Your Way we understand how foot comfort is paramount for our customers so we are very proud to stock two of the biggest names in quality wide fitting shoes and slippers for ladies and gents.  Just contact your local showroom to ask about what styles we currently have instore.

Proud to stock DB Wide fitting shoes and slippers

DB Wider Fit Shoes, established in the 1920’s, specialises in the design and supply of Wide Fitting Footwear. They are constantly expanding their range of wide and deep fitting shoes and offer styles for many occasions and activities.  DB Shoes understand that people are unique…and so are their feet. They offer seven fittings – from a High Street E fitting up to 8E. With over 400 styles and colours.

Some key features (on selected styles) from the DB Shoe wide fitting range:


  • Removable insoles to increase room for toes or to allow orthotics to be inserted
  • Extendable straps
  • Fittings E-8E wider and deeper than anything of the High Street
  • ‘Walking on Air’ soles with built in shock absorbency
  • Designed with wider and deeper toe boxes than High Street shoes

Proud to stock Cosy feet wide fitting shoes and slippers

There’s wide fitting and then there’s Cosyfeet! Specially designed to fit and flatter swollen feet, our footwear is much roomier than the wide fitting footwear you’ll find on the High Street. All our styles have the same extra roomy width fitting (6E for women and 3H for men) and can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling.  These shoes are even wide enough to cater for bandaged feet.


Some key features (on selected styles) from the Cosyfeet ranges:

  • Lace up or touch fasteners or strap extensions
  • Material options, on different ranges, including;
    • Leather, for a hardwearing and traditional material
    • Elastane for a super-stretchy material to accommodate the most swollen and misshapen feet
  • 3 different sole types;
    • Flexible polyurethane for flexible, hardwearing shock absorbing
    • Extra-lightweight soles made from lightweight, durable PU which is flexible, shock absorbing and offers good grip
    • Flexible rubber soles, flexible for indoor and outdoor use
  • Some styles have removable insoles to accommodate bespoke shaped insoles or orthotics
  • Cosyfeet ranges are suitable for a range of challenging foot conditions and some ranges are even more suitable for specific conditions like swollen feet and ankles, bunions or problem toe
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