Frequently Asked Questions

How often am I supposed to charge my scooter batteries for?

If you use your scooter daily, we recommend you charge your scooter batteries fully overnight for a minimum of 24 hours if the batteries are fully empty. You can read all about the proper and safe way to look after your batteries here.

Do you offer part exchange?

We do offer part exchange but is at the discretion of the salesperson. We cannot guarantee part exchanges.

How does VAT exemption work?

To not pay the VAT on one of our products two things must happen at the same time. Firstly, you must be eligible for VAT exemption. Secondly, the product must be VAT exempt. You have to pay the VAT if the product is not VAT exempt and you must pay the VAT if you are not VAT exempt.

How do I know if I'm VAT exempt?

If you have been classified as disabled, then you do not need to pay VAT on certain items that are also VAT exempt. The information we require is your condition, personal details and a signature.

Can I buy on behalf of someone else and still have the VAT deducted?

As long as the person you are buying for is VAT exempt and you can provide correct information about them, include their condition, then you can buy our products excluding the VAT. You will have to sign to say the person you are buying for is VAT exempt.

Do you have access ramps?

All our showrooms are wheelchair and scooter friendly.

Do you have scooters available for hire?

We have Scooters, Wheelchairs and Rollators available for hire. Click here to learn more.

Who do I contact to make a Mark Bates Ltd. insurance claim?

You can contact us on 01536 764700 or you can contact Mark Bates Ltd. directly on 01476 591104.