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You may have seen the Mollii suit recently on BBC1’s Morning Live and The One Show.  Our Marketing Manager has MS herself so knows only too well how debilitating and painful muscle spasticity can be so decided to do some research on the Suit that proclaims itself to be the ‘new choice for lasting spasticity and other motor function disorders’.

Mollii provides specific electrical stimulation via it’s Suit to enable the body to overcome motor and muscle tone imbalance itself.  Users hope to achieve improvements in movement, function and natural control without the use of drugs. It’s being used in the UK in Multiple Sclerosis therapy, Stoker patients and for people with Cerebebal Palsy.

Mollii is used for rehabilitation of spasticity and other problems of increased or decreased muscle tension.

Mollii counteracts and prevents different forms of muscle shortening and rigidity, helping the user to regain control over imbalanced muscular tension or activity.

Who is Mollii for?

Developed by a chiropractor and researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Mollii is a breakthrough in relieving spasticity and improving muscle control. The suit stimulates muscles that are underactive or have low tone, and relaxes spasticity in muscle groups. This leads to greater strength and flexibility, and can also help relieve chronic pain.

Mollii is for adults and children with spasticity, muscle tone imbalances, ataxias, dystonias and other forms of motor impairment due to cerebral palsy, stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or other neurological conditions.

How does it work?

The soft jacket and trousers of the Mollii Suit contain 58 electrodes positioned over major muscle groups and are connected to the small, programmable control unit worn around the waist.

Mollii stimulates peripheral sensory feedback via antagonists (opposite) to selected muscle groups. This prompts natural reciprocal inhibition to relieve overactive muscle tension almost immediately and activates underactive muscles. The feedback is also essential to the motor cortex for more normal motor function and control of voluntary movements. These effects enable the body itself to overcome muscle tone imbalances and to improve movement, function and control. The benefits of each 60-minute stimulation are retained by the body for up to 48 hours and are easily repeated at home or a clinic. Each Mollii is individually programmed for a user during an initial assessment by a trained therapist.

It it user friendly?

The Mollii Suit is easy to put on and take off and to look after. The control unit is just switched on for a programmed 60-minute stimulation and requires no user adjustment. Reprogramming is done easily by a trained therapist if required periodically. There are no negative side-effects.

How often is it used for?

Mollii is used 3 or 4 times per week for 60 minute sessions. It is best used in preparation for regular planned exercise or physical therapy to maximize long-term benefits and rehabilitation improvements.

Safety Mollii is not to be used with implanted electrical or electronic devices or those affected by magnets such as shunts, cardiovascular pacemakers etc. Always follow the User Manual’s instructions. Suit Sizes—Available in 26 sizes : for children from age 3-4/104cm to age 12/152cm, for women from Size 6/XXS to Size 20/XXXL and for men from size 30/XXS to 50inch/XXXL Supplied with: Jacket, trousers, control unit, belt, laundry bag, user manual. Washing Instructions: Machine washable at 40 degrees delicate wash once per month. Can be hand-washed in lukewarm water in between as required. Warranty Period: 2 years subject to limitations. Classification: Mollii is a registered medical device, Class IIa under the European Medical Device Directive.

Who is the UK Distributor of the Mollii Suit will find your nearest rehab centre to set up an assessment appointment for you.

The suit is not currently available on the NHS and assessments can costs £200 (which is refundable if you go on to buy a suit).  Suits can be hired for a months for £470 or purchased for £5100 (prices correct at time of print).

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