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We use Brooks Stairlifts to provide you with a high quality, professional stairlift that is suited to your staircase and your needs. If your staircase consists of one complete flight of stairs leading to a top landing or hallway, with no middle landing, you may require a Straight Stairlift. If your staircase has turns, intermediate landings or limited space at the top or bottom, you may require a Curved Stairlift.

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Straight Stairlift

We attach the Brooks Straight Stairlift onto your staircase using a single rail, the simplest solution for a straight stairlift.

The unique slimline design ensures that there is plenty of space left for other members of the family to use the stairs.

The Brooks Straight Stairlift blends into your home seamlessly, and the smooth start and stop mechanism allows you to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs.

The swivel seat means that there is no need to twist awkwardly when rising from the stairlift at the top of the stairs. This also acts as a safety barrier when sitting down or getting up.

A hinged rail is available for the Straight Stairlift. This is good for situations where there may be obstructions such as doors, or where the stairlift could become a trip hazard.

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Curved Stairlift

Brooks Curved Stairlifts are designed to suit your individual home and lifestyle, and include space saving features such as 180 degree parking bends at the top of the staircase.

The modular rail enables the Brooks Curved Stairlift to follow the contour of your staircase closely, even around bends.

The Curved Stairlift can park at the top of the landing safely out of the way and neatly folds up giving easy access to adjoining rooms.

Features and Benefits of Straight and Curved Stairlifts

  • A safety belt is fitted to all Brooks stairlifts so you will always feel secure.
  • Safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the lift automatically and very gently should there be any obstruction on your staircase.
  • Directional paddle switches give you complete control. They can be operated easily should you have limited dexterity.
  • A lockable swivel seat means you can get out on and off your stairlift without twisting your body. Once turned it also provides a stable base and safety barrier at the top of your stairs.
  • A simple digital display always allows you to see the exact status of the stairlift.
  • Two remote controls are provided so that you have the convenience of being able to call or send the lift up or down the staircase.
  • A lockable on/off switch provides additional “child friendly” safety.
  • Slim fold away design has folding arms, seat and footrest so other people in your home can continue to use the staircase as normal.

Other Stairlifts

Heavy Duty Stairlift

The Heavy Duty stairlift is available for the Straight Stairlift only. It has a maximum user weight of up to 25 stone (159kg), wider seat option and heavy-duty batteries.

Stair Lift Mobility Your Way

Outdoor Stairlift

Fully weather-proofed, ideal for outdoor use. With all the same features as the Straight Stairlift. The Outdoor Lift is supplied with a durable waterproof cover for extra protection. Only available as a straight stairlift.

Home Lifts

Designed to make your life easier, a Stiltz Homelift allows you to travel safely and effortlessly between floors, its unique rail and drive system allows you to fit the lift almost anywhere in the home.

Taking up minimal space, and with the smallest footprint, the Duo range gives you flexibility in where to fit your lift, whilst maximising your living space. The Trio range gives you the convenience of a larger lift car size if you need to travel in a wheelchair – either now or in the future.

Committed to accessible living, the unique Slitz Homelift range allows you to remain living independently in your home. For complete peace of mind, a comprehensive 12 months parts and labour warranty is provided with all new installations, with the option of extended service and maintenance plans if desired.

So, if you’re looking for an innovative, attractive and useful long-term accessible living solution, the answer has to be a Stiltz Homelift.

The Duo Range

Duo Plus Logo sm

A compact and luxurious Homelift

The Stiltz Duo+ through-floor Homelift is designed to make it easier for you to move around the house. Whether you’re starting to find the stairs a bit much, or are planning ahead by future-proofing, you will find a Duo+ will fit discreetly into any home.

The Duo is unlike any other conventional lift available as it does not require hydraulics or need to be fixed to walls. The Duo is powered by an intelligent electric motor drive system that is very quiet and housed, out of sight, at the top of the lift.

The Trio Range

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Spacious Luxury Homelift

The brand new Stiltz Trio+ is a larger Homelift designed to comfortably carry full-sized wheelchair, or three people. The Homelift’s clear body helps it blend seamlessly into your home and the unique shape means the rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit.

The newest addition to the Duo home lift range and is a stylish, compact home lift which is elegantly curved and designed to complement any style of décor; contemporary or traditional. It allows the seasons to flood into your home while enabling you to move around you home with comfort and convenience.

The Stiltz Concept


Due to the vertical, self supporting stilts, positioning a Stiltz Home Lift into your home is very flexible. It is free standing, so no load-bearing walls are required, and you don’t need to worry about windows or radiators being in the way. It can tuck into the corner of a room, the stairwell void, on a landing or even in a cupboard.

Space Saving

No visible hoists and no noisy motors. Stiltz Homelifts’ unique technology means the lift runs using discreet wire rope hoists and built-in drive equipment which is all neatly concealed within the lift car roof space. Meaning more space in your home for you, your furniture and your décor.


Stiltz Homelifts plug directly into your domestic power sockets. In the event of a power cut, a battery back up will gently return you to the ground until power is restored. To get you from floor to floor, the lift is operated using the intuitive in-car control panel or through remote controls from outside the lift.

Stiltz Homelifts Features & Benefits

Mobility Your Way

Small Footprint

The Duo+ footprint is a remarkably small 0.8m2. The slightly larger Trio+ footprint will accommodate a full-sized wheelchair and has a footprint of 1.44m2.


Powered by a self-contained, electric drive motor which is completely hidden away in the lift car roof space. There are no noisy hydraulics with a Stiltz Homelift.

Fast Installation

Standard installations can take as little as one day once the ceiling aperture has been created by a qualified builder.

Power Consumption

A Stiltz Homelift plugs into a single, standard 13 amp domestic power socket – just like any other domestic appliance. When running, it uses no more power than if you were to switch on your toaster.

Unique Guide System

Its what makes a Stiltz Homelift so wonderfully versatile; our self-supporting structure of two parallel, vertical rails bear the entire load of the lift. No additional burden is placed on the structure of your home.

Self-Contained Drive System

Our unique, self-contained drive system is cleverly concealed in a single space within the roof area of the lift car. No need for additional bulky plant rooms or other machinery.

Fire Seal

The Trio+ has undergone extensive fire seal testing and fully complies with BS5900:2012 Powered Homelifts plus has full BS EN 81-41 accreditation.

Automatic Door

To make entry and exit more straightforward for wheelchair users or customers with limited mobility, the Trio+ has an automatic door available as an optional extra.

Wide Entry

Wheelchair users will find the wide entry and exit points of the new Trio+ particularly useful when manoeuvring their chair in confined spaces.

Level Access

For safety and comfort, the Trio+ comes with a gently-angled ramp to enable more convenient entry for wheelchair users and those unable to manage steps.

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