Walking Aids

Our great range of Rollators, Tri-Walkers and Walking Aids enable us to provide a solution to any of your mobility requirements. All three options provide support on the go, but still give you the ability to move freely. Many customers find that a walking aid is the first step in increasing their independent mobility. Whether it is a walking stick or a rollator, we have solutions that could help you.


Drive – Lightweight Aluminium Rollator

  • Available in two-wheel sizes (6”& 8”) and two colours (blue or red). The Lightweight Aluminium Rollator is robust, rustproof and foldable, meaning it has endless applications
  • With a comfortable seat that hides your storage bag and a backrest, ideal for a rest when you’re out and about.

One – Rehab Zoom

  • The One Rehab Zoom is lightweight and sturdy.
  • As our mid-range rollator, you can be confident the Zoom will serve you well.
  • An included bag, with carry strap, and cane holder make the Zoom a perfect choice for stability and versatility on the go.

EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator

  • This is the most portable rollator we provide, folding into a lightweight small package
  • There’s no compromise for storage, with a net bag under the seat and pockets on the front, all your items can come with you
  • A convenient, portable and reliable walking aid.

Carlett – LETT 900

  • If you need support on the go but still need somewhere to put the milk and eggs from the supermarket then the Carlett LETT900 is the option for you
  • With a comfy seat and backrest, the LETT 900 gives you a place to perch whilst out and about
  • The spacious bag, located out of the way underneath the seat, provides ample storage for your shopping.

Rollz– Motion2

  • The Rollz Motion2 is a rollator and wheelchair in one and provides you with more freedom
  • Its ergonomic design, with a strong but lightweight frame, enables you to walk steadily, upright and comfortably
  • The Rollz2 is available in various colours and finishes and has previously won design awards for its innovation.

Topro – Troja Classic

  • The Troja Classic is one of our favourites. Strong, durable and ultra-lightweight, the Troja Classic is the perfect solution for support on the move.
  • It can fold up for space-saving storage
  • Available with an array of accessories, you can create the perfect walking aid that suits your exact needs
  • The Troja Classic, like the 2G Premium is available in a great range of colours.

Topro Accessories

Mobility Your Way

Slow Down Brakes

Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

Cane/Crutch Holder

Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

Water Bottle Holder

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Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

Tray Mat

Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids


Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

Off Road Tyres

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Umbrella & Attachment

Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

Transport bag

Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

One Handed Brake

Mobility Your Way Mobility Aids

LED Lamp


Tri-walkers offer you the ability to sit down on the move and have that extra bit of stability you need when out and about.

Drive – Flame Aluminium Tri-walker

  • The Flame tri-walker folds down to store compactly
  • Its lightweight and easy to manoeuvre frame means you can take it on the bus or put it in the boot with no hassle
  • Available in the eye-catching colours Flame Red or Flame Blue.

Z-Tec – Folding Steel Tri-walker

  • This is an entry level Tri-walker and is great for occasional use
  • This great Tri-walker comes with adjustable handles and locking arthritic brakes
  • The Z-Tec Folding Steel Tri-walker is great for taking to the shops; it comes with a basket, tray and shopping bag
  • It is available in four colours: Blue, Red, Chrome and Silver

Drive – Tri-Walker with Seat

  • This is also an entry level Tri-walker and is great for when you want some extra support
  • The unique seat enables you to take a rest when you’re out and about
  • Weighing only 7kg the Drive Tri-walker with Seat can be taken anywhere with ease
  • Sturdy wheels, comfortable seat and pockets for storage make the Drive Tri-walker with Seat a great choice for a compact Tri-walker.

Uniscan Triumph

  • The Uniscan Triumph is a lightweight, folding Tri-Walker that has a seat
  • Available in an array of colours and a bag as standard, you can shop with support in style
  • Dual front wheels provide extra support that other Tr-Walkers cannot offer.

Walking Aids

Walking aids can give you the support and stability you need without taking up too much space.

Hurrycane – As seen on TV

  • The Hurrycane is a great variation on the traditional walking stick. With three points of contact to the ground arranges subtly, you can have extra support without it getting in your way
  • The Hurrycane comes in three colours and with a carry bag, it is an all round brilliant walking aid.
Clever Lite LS Walker

Drive – Clever Lite LS Walker

  • The Clever Lite LS is a gliding walker which means it is easy to move around
  • When you want to stop, spring loaded ferrules will keep you stable, and the fold down seat is great for a rest
  • The Clever Lite LS folds away so when you’re not using it won’tget in the way.
Mobility Your Way

Classic Canes – Country Leather Seat Stick

  • Seat sticks give you choice of standing or sitting support
  • They are perfect for days out or events, their luxurious leather seat folds away to give you a fully functioning walking stick.
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