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Footwear is essential for all. We all wear shoes and some of us are even a fan of the slipper. We want to make sure everyone can feel comfortable in their shoes & slippers regardless of any medical condition. Our extensive range of wider fit shoes, wider fit slippers and stretchy socks is sure to have something for all. Come and dip your toe into the wonderful world of wider fitting footwear – literally.

The College of Podiatry

The College of Podiatry states the following on their website:

“Keeping your feet healthy is only part of preventing foot problems; it is also essential that you wear well-fitting shoes.”

At Mobility Your Way we can measure your feet, offer different ranges of footwear to try on, and ultimately help you find a pair of shoes or slippers that are not only comfortable, but are intended to keep your feet in good condition for longer.

Stretchy and secure

Our range of stretchy and wider shoes are designed to help with oedema, swelling and diabetes. We are also a Cosyfeet stockist, which may be a brand you are familiar with. As an example, our Havant shoe is available in 4 fittings, 8 sizes and 2 colours – we try to make sure we stock footwear that is also discreet, this way you can have great comfort without drawing any unnecessary attention.

Our ‘seamless’ shoes are designed for those who suffer from diabetes, the design reduces foot irritation and from getting sores. Our footwear range starts from as little as £16.99.

A Riser Recliner Chair could help with circulation?

The Tilt-in-Space mechanism available in our Rise and Recliner Chair range lifts your feet higher than the rest of your body, improving blood flow and circulation. A new chair and comfortable pair of slippers could do wonders for your foot health.

Sock Heaven

We have a collection of great socks in stock across our showrooms. Our Softhold socks are designed to not compromise blood flow or leave marks on your leg after long periods of use. Our super soft and comfortable extra roomy cotton socks are sure to make your feet feel warm and relaxed, while our Super Soft Bed Socks and Gripped Socks prevent slipping and keep your feet warm in bed.

So, whether you just need a pair of stylish shoes or you need something a bit more specific, our wider fitting shoes and slippers range will have something for you.

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