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Living Aids
Hospital and what comes next.

We have taken this opportunity to talk to you about the when you are discharged from hospital. Hospitals have all the necessary equipment to care for you during your stay. But what about when you leave? The hospital may provide equipment for you to use...

Podiatry, Wider Fit Footwear and Socks

Footwear is essential for all. We all wear shoes and some of us are even a fan of the slipper. We want to make sure everyone can feel comfortable in their shoes & slippers regardless of any medical condition. Our extensive range of wider fit...

Reclining Chair
In-Home Furniture & Daily Living Aids

In-Home Furniture and Daily Living Aids is a topic that proves to be quite apt for our current social situation. With government issuing historic guidelines and people being instructed to stay indoors for the foreseeable future we wanted to take this opportunity to talk to...

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